December 2, 2021

Get the training you need to support learners with special educational needs

The proportion of children in a mainstream setting who require additional support for special educational needs is on the rise. On average, teachers encounter four students who need additional support in a classroom.

Teacher practice and behaviour have the greatest impact on the academic and social outcomes of children with SEN. Therefore, being able to effectively support children with special needs in the classroom is an essential part of a teacher’s job.

However, teachers worry that they do not support children with SEN effectively enough and feel that they do not always have the appropriate knowledge to support these children in making the progress they are expected to make.

We are delighted to be working with The Parkside School to deliver two SEN-focussed online courses that will provide teachers with tools and knowledge they can use to effectively support children with special educational needs.

How can these courses help teachers support children with SEN?

Each of these courses will cover a wide range of topics that will aid teachers in supporting pupils with special educational needs. Here is an outline of the topics that will be covered in each course:

SEN and Behaviour Strategies in Mainstream Settings:
  • Attachment disorder and the effects on behaviour
  • Behaviour menus and therapeutic techniques to manage the behaviour of pupils with SEN
  • Trauma and the brain – how trauma can change a pupil’s neural pathways and therefore their behaviour
  • Writing concise and effective behaviour plans for pupils.
Pedagogical Approaches to Supporting SEN in Mainstream Settings
  • Best practice in the use of visual aids in the classroom
  • Using blank levels of understanding to support pupils communication needs with SEN
  • Using Colourful Semantics to support early sentence structure
  • Whole word reading techniques for pupils with SEN and different approach to phonics.

When will the courses take place?

Image of webinar, the text says SEN and Behaviour strategies in mainstream settings
Image of webinar, the text says pedagogical approaches to supporting sen in mainstream settings

Who will deliver the courses?

The Parkside School has partnered with us to deliver these courses.

The Parkside School is an outstanding specialist communication and interaction school in Norwich. The courses will be delivered by alternative provision specialists.

What is the cost of the courses and what do they include?

How do I sign up for these courses?

SEN and Behaviour Strategies in Mainstream Settings:
Pedagogical Approaches to Supporting SEN in Mainstream Settings:
Andrea Pizzolo

Digital Marketing Assistant
December 2021

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