Professional Communities

Why do you need to be part of a Professional Community? 

Leading a subject can at times be an isolating task. Our professional communities provide subject leaders with meaningful professional development focused upon their specialism. They are designed to provide subject leaders with the opportunity to collaborate, share resources and engage in professional discussion with like-minded, supportive individuals who are grappling with similar issues. 

What’s new for 2022/23?

Our Professional Communities have always been facilitated by a variety of subject specialists. For 2022-2023, each of the subject-oriented professional communities will be facilitated by subject specialists, all of whom still practice as class teachers/school leaders and therefore understand the distinctiveness of their subject and how to lead it effectively, balancing it against the demands of classroom teaching and a school/MAT leadership role. 

Professional Communities will:

  • Be led by practising school leaders who will give a short input to each session

  • Be underpinned by research and driven by the needs of each community

  • Include updates on developments and intelligence from Ofsted, EEF, teaching school hubs and national experts

  • Give subject leaders the opportunity to collaborate with other leaders on shared school improvement priorities

  • Include access to an online forum where each community will be encouraged to share questions, resources and seek advice

  • As well as four Zoom sessions, will include two practical face-to-face sessions twice a year

  • Be discussion based and focus on a topic pre-agreed by the group

  • Sessions will include professional reading linked to the focus of each session


  • Each Professional Community will be led by a topic or area specialist over six sessions

  • Only VNET Members can access professional community places for their staff

  • VNET members can access a place on a single professional community at £125+VAT per person

  • VNET members can access five professional community places for £550+VAT, saving £75!

Professional Communities 2022/23


The English Professional Community will provide English subject leaders with the opportunity to come together to share excellence and consider subject specific challenges in English. English Leaders will receive time in every session to reflect on recommended best practice and work with colleagues to support each other with the implementation of these strategies into their own schools.


The EYFS Professional Community will provide an opportunity for sharing best practices to drive forward continuous improvement and ensure best outcomes for our EYFS children. The group will use evidence from their own schools to drive improvement, supported by ideas and proven methods from other members of the group.


The Mathematics Professional Community will share best practice and
be driven by subject leader requests. Sessions will focus on effective
subject leadership for new and experienced leaders and will provide opportunities to improve outcomes, engagement
and enjoyment of all aspects of mathematics in the early years and
primary phase.


The Science Professional Community will provide an opportunity for science leads from all primary age ranges to meet together and collaborate in order to improve all aspects of primary science, providing children with the best science education possible. Members of the Science Professional Community will share personalised development within a network of supportive colleagues and a flexible programme which adapts to the needs of the group as a whole.


The SEND Professional Community will provide an opportunity for education professionals with a deep interest in SEND to meet together. We commit to collaborating to improve all aspects of SEND support across the wide landscape of needs; from those pupils in early assessment for the SEND register to pupils with EHCPs.

The programme will react to the changing nature of local and national SEND needs

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