Deputies’ Network

Deputies' Network​

This network recognises the value that leaders who deputise for their Headteachers, bring to the school-wide system. The network will inspire the school leaders of the future and help them to share best practice and ideas in school leadership.

As VNET members you’ll be well aware of the value we give to true networking and how supportive this kind of approach can be for schools. Over the year there will be six sessions taking place online as a twilight. In the future we hope to be able to offer face to face opportunities, visits to each others schools and specific training that matches need.

The deputies’ network is for deputy and AHTs or other senior leaders in VNET schools. Through these sessions, we hope leaders will be able to draw on each other’s experience and, when time is so limited and it is difficult to be able to visit other schools, this network will give leaders the opportunity to talk, share ideas and build links that will support them in their wider role both now and in the future.

This programme is led by Ruth McGlone, VNET Principal Consultant and ex-headteacher.

The network sessions will:

  • Provide a strong network of support for colleagues

  • Consider the key issues and skills needed for senior leadership

  • Share and showcase best practice with other senior leaders

  • Ensure that members keep up to date with an ever-changing educational landscape

  • Enable networking and visits

  • Be informed and driven by the needs of the network

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