A Network for Education Professionals

A not-for-profit membership organisation supporting school improvement

VNET Education CIC supports Schools, Academies and MATs across East Anglia and beyond through our vibrant network. We facilitate CPD, training, consultancy, events, conferences, research and longitudinal projects across our community to support education professionals, for the benefit of children and young people.

Top 10 reasons for joining VNET

  1. A cost-effective way to provide CPD across your whole school team
  2. Support for the headteacher from a dedicated associate
  3. Six sessions across the year on securing ‘Good’ for the Quality of Education
  4. Opportunity to network with a vibrant community of like-minded education professionals
  5. Two tickets to all our annual conferences
  6. External validation by highly experienced associates
  7. Member only pricing for CPD, projects and professional communities
  8. Customisable packages of support
  9. Termly governor forum sessions
  10. Regular Ofsted briefings from HMIs

What's new for 2022/23?

One of the legacies of the pandemic is the widening of the gap for many disadvantaged groups of children. This challenge exists alongside many other challenges that schools already faced including curriculum, finance, SEND and behaviour.

In 2022/23, VNET will focus on supporting schools in developing strategies to address these gaps and challenges and to continually improve the ‘Quality of Education’ in our schools.

For maximum impact in the classroom, the four areas of focus are; Oracy, Developing Teaching Excellence, Behaviour and Curriculum. These four pillars will be explored in the first conference which will launch a project in each area.

Membership of the VNET Network for Schools, Academies and Trusts for 2022/23

Membership for schools, academies and MATs gives access to a wide range of member only courses, conferences and bespoke support, as well as a host of other bespoke support options accessed with a flexible credit system to ensure value for money. 

Members can also access discounted pricing on courses and consultancy as well as gain access to VNET’s longitudinal projects led by internationally renowned educationalists.

Bespoke Support for Schools