Supervision and coaching

Supporting staff wellbeing

Research has shown that supervision and coaching can help to support staff wellbeing. Supervision has many benefits, but a key one in terms of staff wellbeing is that it reduces the feeling of being alone in managing a problem. 1 Creating a coaching culture in schools can, ‘create positive and supportive organisational climates for personal and organisational growth’ as well as fostering a, ‘way of being,  where students and educators flourish.’ 2


Regular supervision is a key way to establish a genuine wellbeing culture. It acknowledges the multi-factoral pressures that are placed on school staff and provides a confidential setting in which to discuss them. It is crucial in providing a mechanism to enable specific problem solving. Supervision is an important way to provide wellbeing to staff working in a challenging environment.

3 sessions over 1 term, £225. The sessions can be delivered in person or online. Please email to make an enquiry or book.


Using the BASIC coaching method, our fully qualified associates deliver coaching to all levels of staff in school. These confidential conversations are particularly helpful in helping individuals to solve problems, create solutions and optimise personal and team performance. The coaching conversation is coachee-led and action orientated. 

3 sessions over 1 term, £225. The sessions can be delivered in person or online. Please email to make an enquiry or book.

Whole Staff Training

Coaching tools and techniques to promote reflection and personal development 

This day for all school staff uses coaching tools and techniques to equip staff to have better conversations and be more reflective about their practice. A very practical day it covers an approach to coaching conversations, questioning as a tool and listening skills. Everyone gets an opportunity to practice conversations in a supportive and scaffolded environment. A great way to kick off the Spring term.

The day will cost £600+VAT or 6 credits, please email to make an enquiry or book.

Group Coaching

Group coaching takes coaching principles and applies them in a group setting. We use tools and techniques to create meaningful dialogue and discussion. We learn and practice questioning and listening skills. It is a useful forum particularly if you feel stuck in your professional life, want to make changes but are not sure how to start. 

Additional benefits…

  • Fosters a supportive peer group
  • Creates a peer learning environment where we can freely share expertise
  • Promotes professional development
  • Creates accountability, did you do what you said you would do?!
  • Keeps the cost down of regular coaching

If you would like us to run group coaching with teachers and teaching assistants in your school or trust please email to make an enquiry or book.

Thank you so much for your time and for giving me a new perspective! I really did appreciate your calm and collected manner, along with a wealth and breadth of experience to add and aid our discussions.

I found the coaching conversations extremely useful, it was really interesting how you actually do come to your own conclusions when talking things through with someone.

The sessions were invaluable - they not only helped to reduce anxieties and see the bigger picture during a very stressful period, but also gave me the confidence to ask for the support I need. Communication is better, workloads are more manageable.

Interested in becoming a coach? Find out more about our BASIC coaching course...


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  2.  Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools, Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families,


This approach provides clear models for learning, based upon a secure evidence base. In 24/25 join the Norfolk WalkThrus cohort to provide a network to integrate this pedagogical approach to improving teaching and learning across our schools. CPD, networks and instructional coaching all included in membership!