November 25, 2021

Resource: Guiding Improvement – A Decision Tree

Harry Fletcher-Wood summarises and conveys some key findings from the evidence around feedback and guiding improvement in this decision tree.

The evidence on feedback: a decision tree

Feedback can improve students’ learning and performance “if delivered correctly”, but the large body of research suffers from “many conflicting findings and no consistent pattern of results.” For example, should we give immediate or delayed feedback? Studies point in apparently contradictory directions.

Could a decision tree help?

Harry Fletcher-Wood summarises and conveys some key findings from the evidence around feedback and guiding improvement in this decision tree:

Image of the feedback decision tree by Harry Fletcher-Wood – VNET Education CIC

This post has been adapted from the blog The evidence on feedback: a decision tree with the permission of Harry Fletcher-Wood. If you would like to read the complete blog, please click here.

Do you want to find out more about responsive teaching? 

Join us on January 12th for a webinar led by Harry Fletcher Wood, where he will help teachers to identify who has understood what in the classroom, and how we can help pupils to improve.

image of kids raising their hands at school - vnet education cic

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