Headteacher Performance Management

HTPM – a statutory duty

The Governing Body has a statutory duty to monitor and manage the performance of the Headteacher on an annual basis. The task of appraising the Headteacher, including the setting of objectives, should be delegated to a sub-group consisting of two/three members of the Governing Body supported by an external adviser. 

VNET Education CIC is proud to be a provider of choice for governing bodies as the external adviser for this annual meeting.

VNET provides a comprehensive package for governors which includes:

  • An online training session for governors on 18 June 2024, led by Sonia Innes, Education Director, which is updated annually and recorded for future reference. Book the online training session now
  • Guidance and supporting documentation for governor
  • Review of HTPM documentation alongside School Improvement documentation to prepare for and support the process
  • One half-day of VNET Associate time (usually online) dedicated to supporting governors in the annual performance management meeting with the headteacher.

The package costs £500+VAT for members and £600+VAT for non-members.

Governor Training

Part of the support package includes training for governors. An online training session for governors will run on 18 June 2024, led by Sonia Innes, Education Director. The session is updated annually and recorded for future reference. 

The session helps governors to understand their role, the paperwork and how to manage the process effectively.

HTPM Online

 Through our work supporting governors over the past two years with these reviews, we have seen great advantages of online meetings.

  • Sharing documentation for discussion is much easier online and the task of completing the paperwork a much more collegiate process
  • Governors find it easier to commit sufficient time to the process as there is less travel time
  • It is often more convenient for both Heads and Governors

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If you are want more information about the package please contact us.

Thank you for conducting a very useful meeting and for your very comprehensive input.

Thank you for making the process clear and easy to follow. Really appreciated.

Thank you again for your positive comments and words of encouragement - they really have spurred me on for what I imagine to be another challenging term!

VNET HTPM Associates

Sonia Innes

Education Director

Sonia has just under twenty-years experience in the education sector, fourteen years of which were as a successful Headteacher in three different schools.

Since the development of the Better to Best strategy in Norfolk, Sonia has been a stalwart supporter.  She has worked as a system leader on behalf of the strategy, a Change Leader on behalf of VNET and a system leader, former member of the Diocesan Board of Education and mentor for the Diocese of Norwich.

Sonia believes that the systems of improvement for schools in Norfolk are well-placed to work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.  She is committed to high quality induction for new headteachers in Norfolk (which she leads on behalf of the Norfolk headteacher’s association, Educate Norfolk) and the development of leadership to secure improvements in schools.

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Ruth McGlone

Principal Consultant

Ruth has 15 years of working in Norfolk Schools and just under 10 years as a Headteacher, leading a school through some challenging circumstances. As a Headteacher who has led a school through Covid-19 she is best placed to understand the effect that this has had on those in the profession and on schools. Since its inception, Ruth has been committed to the Norfolk Better to Best and Good to Great strategies and a great supporter of VNET since its formation.

She has worked as a System Leader as part of the Sheringham Teaching School Alliance and has been active in supporting the development of Mastery Mathematics in West Norfolk alongside the Cambridge Maths Hub.

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Purchase HTPM Package

If you are want more information about the package please contact us.


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