Moderator Led Assessment Networks

Moderator Led Assessment Networks (MLANs)

There have been a number of changes to schools’ statutory responsibilities over recent years. The statutory requirement to moderate the EYFS profile was removed in the reforms in 2021, and from this year onwards, schools no longer have a statutory duty to submit teacher assessments of pupils learning at the end of KS1.

However opportunities to standardise and moderate Early Years and KS1 judgements continue to play an important role in developing confidence and accuracy in assessment. Teachers also find great benefit from professional networking with colleagues from their own year groups. In order to facilitate this, VNET is working with the Local Authority (LA) to support Moderator Led Assessment Networks (MLANs) at both EYFS and KS1.

MLAN sessions will take place in schools across the county. All moderators have been trained by the LA. At each network event, moderators will brief teachers on key messages; use standardisation activities to develop understanding of the standards and the threshold between them; and facilitate discussions between teachers about judgements made using their own evidence bases. Time will be available to reflect upon the implications for curriculum and pedagogy.

There will be a charge of £50+VAT per school for the summer term sessions and staff may attend as many sessions as they like.

To book please complete the booking forms your school will be invoiced directly.

EYFS MLAN Sessions

KS1 MLAN Sessions