September 17, 2023

Music and its impact in schools!

Welcome to iRock School of Music, a peripatetic music service for primary schools, specialising in teaching children how to play in rock and pop bands!

Looking forward to hearing from iRock at The Norfolk Headteachers' Conference!

Welcome to iRock School of Music, a peripatetic music service for primary schools, specialising in teaching children how to play in rock and pop bands! My name is Josh Franklin, one of the proud co-founders of iRock.

iRock was born from my personal journey, overcoming the hurdles of education with ADHD. Music played a significant role in transforming my educational journey and became a lifeline that helped me navigate through the challenges of school life. It brought focus, inspiration, and a sense of belonging, ultimately shaping me into the person I am today.

In 2017, my father, John Franklin, and I embarked on a journey to transform the lives of children through music, just as it did for me. Our mission is to positively impact and shape children’s futures through inclusive, inspiring, and fun music education.

At iRock School of Music, we focus on developing the whole child, providing an engaging learning experience where children can express themselves in a safe and positive way. By offering accessible music education that breaks down many traditional barriers some lessons can have, children can flourish academically, gain confidence, foster positive friendships, and develop invaluable life skills.

iRock is now one of the most established music schools in the country, delivering lessons to thousands of children every week. Through iRock, children can receive formal recognition with our exam-free qualifications offered in partnership with RSL, a leading global provider of music qualifications.

Josh Franklin
Founder of iRock School of Music

Case Study: iRock at The Ferns Primary School

This school is situated in an extremely deprived area and face a lot of children with extreme behaviour problems. iRock agreed last Easter to run free sessions for a whole term and see if our sessions could have a positive impact on some of their children’s behaviour and attitude towards school. James Needs took on the challenge and these statements speak for themselves!

From the first assembly with iRock, I knew we would see changes in Child A. He was sat up straight and smiling in assembly for the first time. He sang along; we have found his magic. He started to engage with learning, desperate for the chance to be in a band. His relationship with school staff changed to, he started to be polite and chatty – sharing his interest in iRock and asking about when James would next be in. Year 2 Teacher

Child B was finding school tough. With ADHD causing tics during anxious times, engagement in learning and managing her needs was affecting her. The minute she held those drumsticks in her hand, a sense of calm came over her. She found music could help her regulate her ADHD and her tics. She started to use it all the time. It opened her mind to other creative subjects and the arts became a sanctuary from the busyness of her mind. Year 6 teacher

Child C hasn’t had much success with friendships. She doesn’t always know how to manage in group situations. Being able to be part of an iRock band, show her singing strength and work with others has helped change the perception of her by others. Year 4 teacher

The effect of iRock on the school was immediate. From the end of the first assembly the culture changed. As I walked around the classroom, children were attentive to lessons and wanted to engage. They knew staff could make good things happen for them, they wanted to be part of the community. The positivity of music with iRock touched every lesson. Pastoral Lead

Well done iRock for giving this school such a positive and uplifting experience.

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