November 16, 2021

Why does your school need a curriculum project?

Schools should carefully plan their curriculum around the children to ensure that they receive a well-rounded, balanced education. Curriculum development expertise is essential for school leaders so that they can develop a school curriculum that incorporates the most important ideas in curriculum theory and the science of learning.

Why does your school need a curriculum project?


By now, it is no secret that Ofsted will be focusing their inspections ‘on the real substance of education: the curriculum,’ which reconsiders ‘pupil outcomes’ as a measurement and applies a greater emphasis on the ‘quality’ of what and how pupils are taught. 

To ensure that pupils receive a well-rounded, balanced curriculum, schools should carefully plan their curriculum with the children in mind. It is essential that school leaders have enhanced expertise in curriculum development so that they can create a school curriculum that incorporates the most important ideas in curriculum theory and the science of learning.

Through four sessions, aimed at heads of schools and senior leaders, the curriculum project will explore ways in which school leaders can confidently become highly effective curriculum leaders and learn how to develop a broad and balanced curriculum.


Curriculum Project Overview

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Project Outcomes

  1. Articulate the curriculum theory which has informed the curriculum intent
  2. Write a comprehensive curriculum development plan
  3. Effectively evaluate the impact of the curriculum.


Who will deliver the sessions?

John McConnell - VNET Education CIC

John McConnell

John is a highly regarded Norfolk primary headteacher who is currently doing a lot of thinking about curriculum. As part of Ambition Institute's 'Curriculum Leaders' programme, he is combining what he learnt as a teacher, a subject leader, and as a headteacher, with the most up-to-date curriculum theory so that he can help to develop world class provision for learners in Norfolk schools.


When will it take place?

🗓 Session 1: Wednesday 24 November 2021

🗓 Session 2: Wednesday 9 February 2022

🗓 Session 3: Wednesday 4 May 2022

🗓 Session 4: Wednesday 15 June 2022

All sessions will be from 1:00 pm – 4.00 pm.


How can I take part?

How do I sign-up for the Curriculum Project?

If you are a VNET member, please click here to sign-up.

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November 2021

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