Membership to VNET gives Schools, Academies and Trusts access to a wide range of need focussed courses, longitudinal projects, conferences and bespoke support at exceptional value for money.

Primary Membership

Schools, Academies and Trusts who join VNET as members not only become part of our ‘Ethical Alliance’ at an institutional level, but also grant their Education Professionals access to a wide range of CPD and bespoke support, as well access to a vibrant community of likeminded education professionals.

Members get a huge amount of value for money for a fixed annual price – using a flexible credit system to make their CPD budgets for the year ahead go further, and have a wider and deeper impact. In 2021/22 this includes a series of annual longitudinal projects supported by internationally renowned educationalists.

Everything members can access throughout the year is set out in the section below. Alongside that, as an example, a member school might choose to use their annual credits to:

  • Gain access to a longitudinal project, designed to focus on closing the gap left by the pandemic, working alongside leading educationalists over the whole academic year
  • Provide access to a number of high quality CPD courses specific to the development needs of members of their team
  • Have a leadership or subject specialist deliver a bespoke piece of consultative work focussed on their priorities
  • Get involved in an international or local project alongside other members of the network community

Academic Year 21/22 KS1&2 Pricing

Number on Roll Annual Membership Price Commit by 1st May 21
0 - 150 £2,250 £2,000
151 - 250 £3,250 £3,000
251 - 600 £4,250 £4,000
601+ £5,250 £5,000
Federations Price is based on cumulative NOR across schools
Primary MATs Please contact our team to discuss a package price


Secondary Membership

Academic Year 21/22 KS3+ Pricing

As well as becoming part of a vibrant community of like minded  educational professionals who work together to share ideas and best practice, members also gain access to support and specialist training where the community feels they need it most. In addition, like all VNET members, they gain access to member only pricing for VNET courses making their CPD budgets for the year ahead go further.

Everything members can access throughout the year is set out in the section below.

Membership Price Early Bird (By 1 June 2020)
Secondary Membership £1,650 £1,500
MAT Membership Please contact us to discuss


MAT Membership

MAT Membership creates a partnership with Trusts to add value to their work.

MATs often have their own school improvement leads and personnel working to support their schools – that’s why VNET doesn’t try to replicate that support, but rather works in partnership with the MAT leaders to fill in the gaps. This might be through the provision of specialist CPD, external validation, consultancy, leadership reviews, recruitment and more. 

Every MAT is different, and therefore every MAT package is different. Some examples of the kinds of work we have undertaken across MATs is listed below. However, all of them are underpinned by having access to the usual member benefits that either Primary or Secondary membership would bring to their schools, including member only pricing to access CPD events, access to the free events and conferences, and being part of a wider network of likeminded education professionals bringing ideas and collaborative opportunities into your MAT.

Please contact us via the button below to book a time to have a discussion about a package for your multi-academy trust. 


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