‘BASIC’ Coaching Course – become a qualified coach

This course is aimed particularly at senior and middle leaders who are interested in gaining a coaching qualification and going on to develop a coaching culture at their schools.

Coaching is a powerful tool which can transform your professional conversations, increase motivation and productivity in your team and foster a culture of openness, collaboration and high performance.

The BASIC method of coaching is a powerful way to structure coaching conversations and to develop the clarity you need to coach with confidence. The BASIC method was developed by Andy Buck author of Leadership Matters and is the preferred method of coaching for some of the latest National Professional Qualification providers.

Training objectives

  • To understand and practice using a coaching approach 
  • To understand the continuum between coaching and mentoring
  • To gain an understanding of different models used to help structure personal and professional development.


  1. To become a qualified/certified coach in the ‘BASIC’ coaching method
  2. To understand how to approach building a coaching culture in your school


  • The course is delivered in person over two terms of the academic year 
  • Five face-to-face sessions (at Norwich Research Park) including a practice coaching conversation
  • Gap tasks including online video resources and a reflective journal exercise
  • On submission of the reflective journal and a video of a coaching conversation, delegates will be awarded a BASIC Coaching certificate (quality assured by the central BASIC coaching team).

Session 1

Introduction and BASIC steps and coaching conversation 1

In this session introduces the method and gives an overview of the methods, we look at the coaching continuum and the difference between mentoring and coaching. This session also explains the four BASIC Steps; Background, Aims, Strategy, Implementation and Commitment. The coaching conversation aims to introduce this structured approach.

Session 2

BASIC Qualities and coaching conversation 2

This session explains the four key basic qualities that are needed for successful coaching conversations, trust, curiosity, empathy and positivity. The coaching conversation aims to demonstrate these for qualities.

Session 3

BASIC Habits and coaching conversation 3

This session explains the four key habits that are needed for successful coaching conversation; Ask first, Frame well, Listen Hard and Play back. The coaching conversation aims to demonstrate, recognise and practice these habits.

Session 4

BASIC Feedback and coaching conversation 4

This session explains the importance of Feedback in coaching and how to make it as effective as possible making connections and feeding forward. The coaching conversation aims to practice giving feedback in this way.

Session 5

BASIC Bringing everything together and coaching conversation 5

This final session aims to draw together and practice all we have covered in the BASIC approach including steps, qualities, habits and feedback. We also look at how the skills can be used to improve professional conversations across our organisations and how you could create a coaching culture in school.

How do I take part?



Sonia Innes

Sonia Innes, VNET’s Education Director, is an experienced education consultant, adviser and ex-school leader. In all elements of her current and previous roles she has seen the value of coaching as a tool to bring about improvement. Sonia is a qualified trainer for the BASIC method of coaching, trained by Andy Buck. She looks forward to sharing her experience and expertise with candidates on the course.

Nania Poulson

Nania is VNET's Operations Director, she has a commercial background and 10 years experience of Governing in a Norwich school/federation. Her interest in the coaching approach led her to complete the Basic Coaching Qualification in 2020 to formalise her skills. Nania's recent coaching experience has been in working with non-teaching, school staff. Nania is also a qualified trainer for the BASIC method of coaching, trained by Andy Buck.

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