Year 1 Network

The VNET Year 1 Network gives practitioners a forum to discuss Continuous Provision in their settings

We are pleased to be continuing our Year 1 Network around themes of continuous provision. This year the network will be led by VNET associate Janey Craigs.

The group will meet via Zoom every half-term, 4.00 – 5.00 pm. It is free for VNET members to join.

The content will be driven by the group and we will be keen to take ideas and suggestions for the network. Please join us!

Year 1 Continuous Provision Network

The network will:

  • Provide a strong network of support for colleagues

  • Be driven by the needs of the network

  • Give members the opportunity to share good practice

  • Focus on a pre-agreed hot topic

  • Broker training sessions from specialists

  • Be discussion based

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