The Deputies’ Conference

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The Deputies' Conference | 15 November 2024

The Plumbing and the Poetry of Leading People

Following the success of last years ‘High-Performing Leadership’ please join us once again for a conference for Deputies and Assistant Headteachers, led by James Heale, Founder of Flywheel Learning.

In this practical workshop we will explore how we get the very best out of those that we lead.

All of us are complex individuals, each with our own egos, ambitions and hang-ups – it is amazing that we get anything done collectively! Despite these challenges human beings thrive when working in high-functioning social groups.

Together we will look at the attributes of high-performing teams and how we can get groups of individuals to achieve more than the sum of their parts. We will also dive into how we run effective meetings that lead to better collaboration and measurable impact, alongside using line-management to support, grow and challenge our colleagues through better conversations. Finally, we will build a toolkit for courageous conversations that enables us to hold colleagues to account without causing irreparable damage to professional relationships.

More information and additional speakers coming soon.

Each member school has TWO free places!

James Heale

Flywheel Learning
James Heale is one of the most sought-after executive coaches in the country working with over seventy Headteachers and CEOs to help them perform at their best whilst, at the same time, making the job enjoyable and sustainable.

James established Flywheel Learning in 2017, following six, successful years as a Headteacher and Executive Headteacher in West London. He serves as Director of Leadership and Development for Tower Hamlets Education Partnership and works with teams in organisations as diverse as London Air Ambulance, British Airways and Google.

James is a TEDx speaker and is a regular contributor to national conferences, both as a speaker and facilitator. In 2022 he set up Flywheel Networks, peer to peer collaborative communities that provide support and challenge for school and Trust leaders.