Secondary Membership 2024/25

School Improvement Partners

VNET membership provides a partnership approach to school improvement. We work closely with you to support your priorities, provide external validation and deliver training.


Termly School Visits
We are pleased to return to the model of meeting in one of our member schools each term. This gives us the opportunity to see some work in practice as well as to network in person.
National Networking - Flywheel Networks
We are delighted to have partnered with James Heale to offer access to his Flywheel Networks facilitating networking with Secondary Headteachers from around the country.
Peer Review
Peer Review is a strategy for organisational and systemic improvement and professional development. The VNET Peer Review approach makes this a priority as well as creating opportunities to develop both intellectual and social capital.

The membership package in 2024/25 will include:

*Discounted Walkthru subscription cost additional

WalkThrus – A pedagogical approach
We have chosen WalkThrus as our pedagogical approach because of its demonstrable impact on teaching and learning outcomes. It is incredibly accessible on many different levels. Its bite-size approach enables teachers to integrate the methodology in a manageable but effective way, no matter what their level of experience. We have negotiated a very good discount for our members and will provide all the wrap-around support needed to implement the programme as part of the membership.

Projects – bringing experts into your schools

Projects offer us a way to bring experts into the county to share a wider perspective with our members. Leading experts in their fields, they will facilitate three online sessions across the year, which will provide not only the theory but also practical strategies to create a positive impact in school.

One project of your choice is included in your membership, additional projects at £500+VAT each

Inclusive attendance
– Wayne Harris
Attendance remains one of the most significant challenges schools face nationwide, with data highlighting significant gaps, particularly among disadvantaged and SEND pupils. Wayne Harris (Inclusive Attendance) offers the sole accredited CPD programme in the UK. Collaborating with over 450 schools across primary, secondary, and AP/PRU settings, and having a significant impact on culture and outcomes - schools accessing the Inclusive Attendance model are surpassing national DFE data.
Developing Pupils' Voice
– Dr Victoria Cook, Chartered College of Teaching
Working with an expert researcher and former teacher through partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching, this programme develops methodologies for co-constructing school culture with pupils. Moving pupil voice beyond school council, it will look at ways in which pupils can develop agency and become advocates for their learning and their school communities.
Beyond Pupil Premium
– Sean Harris
Sean’s work on tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools provides a rich resource for working in different strands to not only define disadvantage, but also address it through poverty proofing, curriculum and teacher development. This project will allow schools to redefine how they support pupils beyond the pupil premium.


Secondary Membership in 24/25 is £1,950+VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, several of our members pay for VNET because it supports Quality First Teaching and they can evidence that in their pupil premium planning and reporting. We have a session in the summer term to help support you with this.

Your peer review triad will be designed to support your priorities and be appropriate to your setting whilst at the same time broadening your knowledge and network.

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Ref 1: Department of Education, Using pupil premium: guidance for school leaders, March 2023.