Projects 24/25

VNET's mission is to enable members to engage in meaningful professional development, bringing world leading ideas into practice and facilitating vibrant working CPD cohorts.

Projects – bringing experts into your schools

Projects offer us a way to bring experts into the county to share a wider perspective with our members. Leading experts in their fields, they will facilitate three online sessions across the year, which will provide not only the theory but also practical strategies to create a positive impact in school.

One project of your choice is included in your membership, additional projects at £500+VAT each

Inclusive attendance – Wayne Harris

Attendance remains one of the most significant challenges schools face nationwide, with data highlighting significant gaps, particularly among disadvantaged and SEND pupils. Wayne Harris (Inclusive Attendance) offers the sole accredited CPD programme in the UK. Collaborating with over 450 schools across primary, secondary, and AP/PRU settings, and having a significant impact on culture and outcomes - schools accessing the Inclusive Attendance model are surpassing national DFE data.

Beyond Pupil Premium – Sean Harris

Sean’s work on tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools provides a rich resource for working in different strands to not only define disadvantage, but also address it through poverty proofing, curriculum and teacher development. This project will allow schools to redefine how they support pupils beyond the pupil premium.

Effective assessment in foundation subjects – Jonathan Lear

Assessment is a vital tool in ensuring that your curriculum is working well for your pupils. The next steps are to ensure that assessment practices are as strong in the foundation subjects as they are in core subjects. Jonathan Lear, author of the Monkey Proof Box and Guerrilla Teaching will share a simple model for assessment that enables teachers to make effective judgements about how well the children are learning the curriculum.

Developing Pupils' Voices – Dr Victoria Cook, Chartered College of Teaching

Working with an expert researcher and former teacher through partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching, this programme develops methodologies for co-constructing school culture with pupils. Moving pupil voice beyond school council, it will look at ways in which pupils can develop agency and become advocates for their learning and their school communities.