Projects 23/24

VNET's mission is to enable members to engage in meaningful professional development, bringing world leading ideas into practice and facilitating vibrant working CPD cohorts.

Project Programme for 2023/24

The projects target support to priority areas as identified by our members. They run throughout the year, with gaps tasks and peer-to-peer support to help embed learning and practice. The sessions are run via Zoom from 1:00 – 4:00pm in Autumn 2, Spring 1 and 2 and Summer 1. Members can use credits to access projects at 6 credits per project.

Early Writing Project

Developing children’s motivation and confidence in writing in the EYFS.

Julie Cigman has run the Early Writing project in more than 300 settings, successfully improving the confidence, motivation and attainment of children. The project has had significant impact on the number of children attaining 6 scale points in the EYFSP and importantly motivates children to write in playful contexts that have a meaning for them!

The project will empower Early Years practitioners to teach children the way that children learn best – through play, creative learning and observation-led planning. 

Evaluating the Impact of your Curriculum

Meet the challenge of ensuring that pupils know more and remember more and therefore are making progress as described in the Ofsted Inspection Framework

When inspectors evaluate the impact of the education provided by the school, their focus will primarily be on what pupils have learned. Having a well-structured, well-taught curriculum will lead to good results because those results will reflect what pupils have learned.

The impact of the curriculum lies in whether students have learnt the things you’ve taught them. How do you know whether pupils know what you think they know?

DfE approved and TSH-accredited CPD

Internal Alternative Provision Project

Schools are having to deal with an increasing number of children who struggle to cope with mainstream education due to learning, wellbeing and safeguarding challenges. This can lead to children being excluded from mainstream classrooms, or excluding themselves through non-attendance.

Internal Alternative Provision (IAP) can be an essential part of the system to support these children in school. IAP can increase attendance, limit the use of internal exclusion and reduce suspensions.

Understanding the World Project

Understanding the World (UtW) is an exciting area of learning that is not included in the end of year assessment of a good level of development, yet it is a critical aspect of children’s learning. It provides the context for learning in all other areas, an opportunity to develop meaningful vocabulary and taps into children’s innate curiosity. This interactive course will explore how the indoor, outdoor and local environments can be an effective ‘teacher’ of UtW.

This project  is aimed at EYFS teachers in schools (Nursery and Reception), Preschool & Day Nursery practitioners working with 3-5s.

Securing Success in KS2 Writing Project

There is growing evidence that pupils’ writing in KS2 has been most significantly affected by Covid-19, with lower attainment than previous cohorts across all subjects. Arguably the most significant challenge has been identified in children’s writing. These issues have been particularly apparent for lower Key Stage 2 children, whose entire experience of EYFS and Key Stage 1 was severely disrupted.

The project is free to access for VNET members!

DfE approved and TSH-accredited CPD

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