Fluency Project

This project will provide high quality CPD supporting the lowest 20% of readers and enable you and your team to embed the findings in your school. VNET will provide support throughout the year via peer to peer engagement including access to a forum, as well as ongoing support via your VNET associate.

The VNET Reading Fluency Intervention Project focuses on raising the achievement of Year 6 pupils in reading. It will also support the bottom 20% of readers in Year 7. Emma Adcock will lead this 8-week project on developing reading fluency. Emma will support you in how to incorporate modelled expressive reading and the explicit teaching of comprehension skills to support the lowest 20% in achieving age expectations in reading.

Why does your school need a Fluency Project?

  • The DfE have set out that for pupils in KS1 and KS2, school leaders are expected to prioritise identifying gaps and re-establish good progress in the essentials  (phonics and reading, increasing vocabulary, writing and mathematics).
  • OFSTED is prioritising reading, “Reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer.”  “Pupils read widely and often, with fluency and comprehension appropriate their age.” (p.51)
  • Schools are expected to be able to demonstrate how they are ensuring that the lowest 20% are making appropriate progress from their starting points.

Project Outcomes

This project will support students who are currently below the expected standard in reading and/or who may have difficulty accessing the reading required in the wider KS2 curriculum.

Project Structure

Session 1


Delegates will be introduced to the strategies of modelled expressive reading. 

Session 2


Delegates will receive training on how to conduct a baseline using the YARC reading assessment materials. 

Session 3

In-school coaching

Each school will receive one visit from an adviser
In-school coaching visits will take place to support staff in the delivery of fluency lessons.
Delegates will meet for a mid-point training session

Session 4


Each school will receive a phone call to review outcomes.
Delegates will meet as a collective group to showcase the impact of the project on outcomes and engagement with reading.

Emma Adcock

Emma is a former headteacher, system leader and advanced skills teacher. She regularly provides additional leadership capacity for schools. This additional leadership has previously included: acting head positions, part-time assistant head roles and she has worked across schools as a teaching and learning coach to support Quality First Teaching. Emma is also an experienced trainer who regularly provides training for VNET schools on the following: curriculum design, subject leadership, Reading, Writing, Spelling and the explicit teaching of vocabulary.

Members Resources – Cohort 1

Members Resources – Cohort 2

How do I take part?

Dates – Cohort 2

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