Assessment Project

This project will provide high quality CPD around assessment and enable you and your team to embed the findings in your school. VNET will provide support throughout the year via peer to peer engagement including access to a forum, as well as ongoing support via your VNET associate.

As the author of the widely selling book, ‘The Perfect Assessment for Learning’, Claire Gadsby will be exploring what ‘consistently embedded’ formative assessment looks and feels like in a school, and how to achieve this.

Why does your school need an Assessment Project?

“There is nothing any school can do that will have a more lasting and real impact on achievement than fully embedded formative assessment”, Dylan Wiliam 2017

  • Research indicates the following conclusions: formative assessment produces greater increases in student achievement.
  • The DfE have set out that curriculum planning should be informed by an assessment of pupils’ starting points and addressing gaps in their knowledge and skills, in particular making effective use of formative assessment.
  • Catch-up work in schools will be best directed by effective formative assessment.

Project Outcomes

  • Evaluate and refine your school’s assessment policy
  • Gain an overview of formative assessment including the wider educational research perspective
  • Explore what formative assessment can offer to your learners
  • Trial and evaluate innovative formative assessment strategies that can be used in any classroom.

Project Structure

The project will start with the keynote presentation given by Dylan Wiliam on 12 November 2021. This will be followed by four interactive and practical twilights aimed at assessment leads or classroom teachers. It will provide a wealth of strategies for boosting both engagement and progress through formative assessment (also known as Assessment for Learning).

Pre-course assessment review task followed by four online sessions, dates to be confirmed.

Session 1

Laying the Foundations

What do we really mean by effective assessment? Introduction to the ‘Big 5’ principles underpinning formative assessment.

Session 2

Tantalise, don’t tell

Activating learning intentions and fully involving pupils in understanding success criteria.

Session 3

Forward Facing Feedback

How to provide time efficient, effective, and  engaging feedback which motivates pupils to respond.

Session 4

Project findings and showcase

Sharing what has worked and a chance to refine your school’s assessment policy.

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Claire Gadsby

Claire is an author and educational trainer known for her innovative approaches to CPD and training. Inspiration for this course came from Claire's publication: The Perfect Assessment for Learning.

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