Projects 21/22

VNET's mission is to enable members to engage in meaningful professional development, bringing world leading ideas into practice and facilitating vibrant working CPD cohorts.

Project Programme for 21/22

Working with leading, national educationalists in 2021/2022, we are bringing our members five projects all designed to focus on closing the gap left by the pandemic.

Our core purpose across our projects is to improve outcomes for pupils, prioritise staff well-being and promote positive leadership.

Our projects have been designed to not only bring the latest thinking and research to our members, but also to provide our members with an opportunity to work with national experts over the course of an academic year.

Each project will support school leaders and teachers in reviewing and modifying existing practices and developing their professional confidence and expertise, so that the embedding of research-informed thinking and the implementation of practical strategies will impact on all participating schools.

Member schools can use their member credits to access projects.

Emma Adcock introduces the VNET projects for 21/22

Why should I sign my school up to a project

Learn from the experts

School-wide impact

Drive Change

Promote professional development

Benefit from peer group support

Lead school-wide improvement

Why should I sign my school up to a project

teacher looking at students, building relationships


Are you using formative assessment to improve learning outcomes in the classroom?

Putting timely and high quality formative assessment at the core of teaching and learning improves outcomes.

The world’s foremost authority on formative assessment, Dylan Wiliam, will give the keynote at our November conference. This will be developed over four sessions, delivered by Claire Gadsby, across the year to support using formative assessment in your school.

Dylan Wiliam

Claire Gadsby


Is your curriculum vision evident in what children are learning and remembering? ​

Christine Counsell will deliver a keynote on 12 November. Using the latest research and evidence in curriculum design, John McConnell will lead four sessions over the year to support you in a practical way to ensure that your curriculum vision is successfully embedded across the curriculum and is evident in children’s progress.

Christine Counsell

John McConnell - VNET Education CIC

John McConnell

Narrowing the disadvantage gap

How are you moving your pupil premium strategy away from mitigation to success?

Roy Blatchford, author of ‘The Forgotten Third’ and Marc Rowland will take this work forward to ensure that your school is focussed on creating successful outcomes for disadvantaged learners.

Roy Blatchford

Marc Rowland


How are ensuring that your lowest 20% readers achieve the expected standard in Reading?

The school inspection handbook explicitly states that assessing how well pupils are taught to read should be a priority for every school. Particular attention in inspections is paid to pupils who are reading below age-expectations. Emma Adcock will facilitate the delivery in your school of the 8-week fluency project from Herts for Learning incorporates the strategies of modelled expressive reading, echo reading and the modelling of comprehension skills to support pupils in the bottom 20% in achieving the expected standard.

Emma Adcock


Herts for Learning


Are you creating and leading a positive culture in your school?

We know that if we don’t ensure, first and foremost, that our teachers are feeling physically and mentally well, they cannot be their best for their students. John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley use the blueprint in their excellent book ‘Putting Staff First’ to help schools to prioritise staff wellbeing to revitalise a positive culture in schools and the teaching profession.

John Tomsett

Jonny Uttley

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