Maths Professional Community

The Maths Professional Community will be facilitated and supported by  VNET Associate, KS1 lead moderator and NCETM PD Lead, Becky Clinton.

The Maths Professional Community will:

  • Share best practice and be driven by what the subject leaders want
  • Focus on effective subject leadership for new and experienced leaders
  • Provide timely updates for example around EYFS, multiplication check, and other forms of assessment
  • Provide opportunities to improve outcomes, engagement and enjoyment of all aspects of mathematics in the primary phase.
Each session will also include an opportunity to network with other subject leaders and to showcase resources that are working well to support the teaching of maths.


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Photo of Becky Clinton - VNET Education CIC

Becky Clinton

Becky has worked in primary education for over 20 years, teaching from EYFS to year 6 and has led a number of middle leadership and management roles. She has worked for VNET as a maths associate for a number of years and has created a successful maths professional community as well as providing bespoke maths support in schools.