EYFS Professional Community

The EYFS Professional Community will be facilitated and supported by VNET EYFS Associate Sue Brockhouse and VNET EYFS SLE Zoe Wood.

The EYFS Professional Community will:

The VNET EYFS Professional Community provides an opportunity for sharing best practice, to drive forward continuous improvement and ensure best outcomes for our EYFS children. The agenda will be driven by the group.

The group will use evidence from their own schools to drive improvement, supported by ideas and proven methods from other members of the group. Partners. At the first meeting of the EYFS Professional Community we will establish what the Early Years’ Professional Community will examine throughout the year, topics may include:

  • Tiny teeth, healthy heart
  • Messy learning
  • Interacting or interfering
  • Little thinkers

Guest speakers will be invited to share their expertise with members of the community.


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