Professional Communities 24/25

Professional Communities are now free as part of your 24/25 VNET membership!

Why do you need to be part of a Professional Community? 

Leading a subject can at times be an isolating task. Our professional communities provide subject leaders with meaningful professional development focused upon their specialism. They are designed to provide subject leaders with the opportunity to collaborate, share resources and engage in professional discussion with like-minded, supportive individuals who are grappling with similar issues. 

Professional Communities will:

Professional Communities in 24/25


The English Professional Community is a supportive network which will provide time and space to explore research and innovation in the subject, engage with professional reading and gain insight into the National picture in the subject. The group will work together to create and evaluate their subject action plans, as well as share successes and expertise with other colleagues. It is suitable for both experienced leads and those new to the role as the sessions will provide access to practical tools and resources which can be used in school.


The EYFS Professional Community will provide an opportunity for sharing best practices to drive forward continuous improvement and ensure best outcomes for our EYFS children. The group will use evidence from their own schools to drive improvement, supported by ideas and proven methods from other members of the group.


The Mathematics Professional Community will share best practice and be driven by subject leader requests. Sessions will focus on effective subject leadership for new and experienced leaders and will provide opportunities to improve outcomes, engagement and enjoyment of all aspects of mathematics in the early years and primary phase.


The Science Professional Community will provide an opportunity for science leads from all primary age ranges to meet together and collaborate in order to improve all aspects of primary science, providing children with the best science education possible. Members of the Science Professional Community will share personalised development within a network of supportive colleagues and a flexible programme which adapts to the needs of the group as a whole.



This approach provides clear models for learning, based upon a secure evidence base. In 24/25 join the Norfolk WalkThrus cohort to provide a network to integrate this pedagogical approach to improving teaching and learning across our schools. CPD, networks and instructional coaching all included in membership!