Primary Membership

Helping you improve outcomes for pupils

In 2023/24 we will continue to bring you the consultancy, communities, CPD and conferences that support you and your team to improve outcomes for pupils. Included in the membership price for 2023/24:


All of our associates are experienced in school leadership – many of them are or have been Ofsted inspectors and headteachers. They all benefit from regular VNET training and quality assurance. Every VNET member school will receive:

  • A school improvement professional to support you

  • 12 credits to create a bespoke support package


You have told us how important face-to-face networking is to you, so in 2023/24 we will ensure that we provide an opportunity to network in-person at least once a term.

  • Termly in-person leadership breakfast networking sessions

  • Termly online leadership updates – the latest and the best

  • Deputies Network (online)

  • Governor Forum (online)

  • School Business Managers' Forum (online)

  • Year 1 Network (online)

  • Small Schools' Network (online)


There will be a wide range of CPD across the year with a balance of online and in-person events. We will ensure that courses and CPD targeted at problem areas will be included in your membership. For example, our ‘Improving Primary Writing’ course and the ‘Deep Dive’ series will both be included in addition to the HMI updates. 

Securing Success in KS2 Writing Project

This series will provide English/Writing Leaders with practical guidance to help leaders to develop a clear understanding of how to improve the teaching of writing in their schools.

Deep Dives

This series will give subject leaders in all phases the opportunity to consider how their curriculum area will fare under scrutiny. Reflection within these sessions will enable subject leaders to consider their monitoring processes and gain a deeper understanding of curriculum impact.

HMI Updates

Two HMI-led OFSTED briefings per year will share up-to-date information for schools directly from the inspectorate. These briefings should be useful to both school leaders and governors.


One of VNET’s founding principles was to bring the best to the region, and this remains our commitment today. We know you value a different perspective, a national view and to hear from leading educationalists. In 2023/24, our conferences will follow a different model; an impactful and inspirational morning delivery followed by a networking lunch and an early close.

Lessons from Cleverlands

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Lessons from Cleverlands

Lucy Crehan, author of ‘Cleverlands’, will draw on her experience researching the world’s top-performing education systems to share some surprising insights on pedagogy, the philosophy underlying their high performance, and some practical school-level strategies which schools in England can consider.

A different take on disadvantage

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A different take on disadvantage

Sean Harris is an expert on the impact of poverty on our pupils. Using research-informed approaches to curriculum design with poverty and disadvantage in mind, he will look at place based poverty and the impact impact of poverty on learning.

Academic Year 23/24 KS1 & 2 Pricing:

Number on Roll Annual Membership Price Join by 1st May, 23
0 - 150 £2,350+VAT £2,200+VAT
151 - 250 £3,550+VAT £3,300+VAT
251 - 600 £4,650+VAT £4,400+VAT
601+ £5,750+VAT £5,500+VAT
Federations Price is based on cumulative NOR across schools
MATs Please contact our team to discuss a package price

Exclusive access to member-only prices for a wide range of CPD including:

ADHD Friendly Schools

Arron Hutchinson from the ADHD Foundation brings the latest evidence-based approaches to creating ADHD friendly schools and classrooms to have a real and lasting impact. When school works well for students with ADHD, it works well for everyone.

Understanding the World

Helping our youngest children to explore and understand the world around them. Jude Twani will bring a deliberate focus on developing the language skills they need to describe people, the place in which they live and all aspects of the environment.

Professional Communities

Our professional communities provide subject leaders with meaningful professional development, providing them with opportunities to collaborate, share resources and engage in professional discussion.

Subject Expertise Programmes

Subject expertise programmes assist in the delivery and ongoing enhancement of a strong curriculum and dynamic leadership across all subjects. In 2023/24, these will cover Art, Music, Computing, French and PHSE.

Learn to be a Coach

The impact of the BASIC method of coaching (developed by Andy Buck) is far from ‘basic’! It is a powerful way to structure coaching conversations and to develop the skills you need to coach with confidence. This course is aimed particularly at senior and middle leaders who are interested in gaining a coaching qualification.

The programme for 2023/24 will continue to develop as member needs develop and will always be responsive to your needs.

Join us for 2023/24!