Peer Review: Strategic Development Across Schools 

Peer Review: Strategic Development Across Schools

(Phase One – Personal Development Focus)


Over the past few years, although the benefits are known, networking and sharing good practice amongst local and wider networks has been lower in priority.  With the aim of re-growing opportunities for this beneficial approach, the VNET Peer Review network is being relaunched.

Long term, we aim to reinforce Peer Review as a strategy for organisational and systemic improvement, complementing other approaches schools may use.

We will use the resource Peer Reviews create by maximising its value in terms of:

  • Intellectual capital – sharing knowledge about teaching, learning, leadership, governance and school improvement

  • Social capital – new collaborative relationships between schools, opportunities for more voices to be heard

  • Greater professional trust as the foundation for mutual learning and critical support

Headteachers will attend a half-day session to set out protocols and consider effective review activities. Phase One will initially focus on visits to schools who wish to review Personal Development.  This can develop in the future to look at other areas.

Following the session, the schools will work in triads to review personal development in each other’s schools with the aim of completing this work by the end of the summer term 2023 and feeding back to the group in July 2023.

Schools wanting to take part need to be:

It will be free to take part in the peer review, but we ask that you attend the half-day training session. Please book below to join the cohort. Numbers are limited to 12 schools. 

Outline of programme for training half Day – 8th February 2022

  1. Rationale for Peer Review
  2. Protocols including safeguarding and confidentiality
  3. Framework for Peer Review
    • Questioning
    • Activities: Looking for sources of evidence
    • Speaking to leaders & middle leaders
    • Looking for impact
    • Learning from each other
  4. Personal Development
  5. Confirmation of Triads and Date Setting

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