New to subject leadership – online training

This asynchronous course is ideal for any teachers that are new to subject leadership this year.

‘New to Subject Leadership’ unpicks the roles and responsibilities of a teacher stepping up into subject leadership over four bitesize online modules. The modules cover understanding the current Ofsted framework and its emphasis on curriculum, monitoring and evaluation and effective action planning. The course will empower new subject leaders to embark on the next phase of their career with increased confidence and understanding.

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Training objectives

  • To understand the key roles, responsibilities of a subject leader and relate these to the latest frameworks and teaching standards
  • To understand how to create an effective action plan that will drive progress for your subject and take the first steps in achieving this
  • To practise providing constructive feedback and explore how to motivate and inspire those around you
  • To provide delegates with ideas and resources that they can use to monitor and evaluate their subject.


  • As a result of attending this course, delegates will be well-prepared for the role of subject leadership
  • Training will enable delegates to prioritise their work; understand their role and ensure they are prepared to develop their subject with a key focus on pupil outcomes.

How do we take part?


Module 1 – Ofsted Framework and Roles and Responsibilities of a Subject Leader

  • To understand the key roles, responsibilities of a subject leader.
  • To understand the role of the subject leader within the latest Ofsted Framework.

Module 2 – Monitoring and Evaluation

  • To understand the difference between monitoring and evaluation of
    your subject and be provided with the tools to undertake these as part
    of your role

Module 3 – Deep Dives

  • To understand the mechanism of an Ofsted Deep Dive and the subject leaders’ role within it.

Module 4 – Action Planning and Reporting to Stakeholders

  • To understand how to create an effective Action Plan that will drive progress in your subject and report on progress to stakeholders.


Ruth McGlone

Principal Consultant

Ruth has 15 years of working in Norfolk Schools and just under 10 years as a Headteacher, leading a school through some challenging circumstances. As a Headteacher who has led a school through Covid-19 she is very well placed to appreciate the pressures on TAs today.

Ruth has worked as a System Leader as part of the Sheringham Teaching School Alliance and has been active in supporting the development of Mastery Mathematics in West Norfolk alongside the Cambridge Maths Hub.

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