MAT Membership 2024/25

Support, external validation and capacity for MAT central teams and their academies

School Improvement Partners

Growing and improving Multi Academy Trusts are having to widen both the reach and impact of their professional development provision as they expand to meet the needs of increasing numbers of staff in a wider range of roles.

A membership of VNET Education is an ideal solution to bridge the gap between what you can offer within your MAT team and offering tangible school improvement support for your schools. By ensuring not all of your support is ‘in house’ but is similarly carefully structured, your vision for improvement and CPD can have great impact in improving the outcomes for children in your schools.

Multi Academy Trusts choose tailored packages of support from our membership offer. Some choose a full membership with every element for each academy and some just choose the support that complements their own school improvement offer. For some Multi Academy Trusts we write completely bespoke work.

Review Visits We work closely with MATs to develop focused reviews according to their needs. For instance;

Curriculum Review
An external review is useful if curriculum development is high on your MAT’s agenda. We work with MAT leads to develop an approach which gives a consistent overview of practice in schools across your MAT. It identifies areas for development for both the individual schools and your MAT as a whole.
School Review - External Validation
We can provide you with a supportive, robust external review of schools across your MAT from one of our experienced associates. Areas of strength and areas for development are identified using a wide range of review strategies.
Focused Review on Improving Outcomes
We work with MAT leads to develop an approach which gives a consistent overview of practice in schools across your MAT. It identifies areas for development both for the individual schools and your MAT as a whole. In addition to this we can put in a tailored package of support to accelerate your work in this area.

The following may be included in the membership price.

*Discounted Walkthru subscription cost additional, please see price below

MAT Effectiveness Review

The VNET MAT Effectiveness Review focusses on:

  • MAT Vision
  • Quality of Education (including Curriculum, Support for Staff CPD & Recruitment)
  • Impact of MAT on raising standards and outcomes for pupils
  • Accountability within the MAT ( Trustees/Trust governors/LGBs)

Through a dialogue with the trust senior leadership team, scrutiny of records and documentation along with visits to schools and conversations with school staff, the review addresses the following key questions:

  • How clearly is the vision articulated and understood and shared by MAT schools?
  • How well does the trust know its schools including the quality of education and the curriculum provided?
  • What is the impact of the trust in improving the quality of education and outcomes for pupils?

MATs find the external scrutiny from VNET invaluable.  Please email the team to request a conversation and quote. 

Projects – bringing experts into your schools

Projects offer us a way to bring experts into the county to share a wider perspective with our members. Leading experts in their fields, they will facilitate three online sessions across the year, which will provide not only the theory but also practical strategies to create a positive impact in school.

Inclusive attendance
– Wayne Harris
Attendance remains one of the most significant challenges schools face nationwide, with data highlighting significant gaps, particularly among disadvantaged and SEND pupils. Wayne Harris (Inclusive Attendance) offers the sole accredited CPD programme in the UK. Collaborating with over 450 schools across primary, secondary, and AP/PRU settings, and having a significant impact on culture and outcomes - schools accessing the Inclusive Attendance model are surpassing national DFE data.
Effective assessment in foundation subjects
– Jonathan Lear
Assessment is a vital tool in ensuring that your curriculum is working well for your pupils. The next steps are to ensure that assessment practices are as strong in the foundation subjects as they are in core subjects. Jonathan Lear, author of the Monkey Proof Box and Guerrilla Teaching will share a simple model for assessment that enables teachers to make effective judgements about how well the children are learning the curriculum.
Beyond Pupil Premium
– Sean Harris
Sean’s work on tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools provides a rich resource for working in different strands to not only define disadvantage, but also address it through poverty proofing, curriculum and teacher development. This project will allow schools to redefine how they support pupils beyond the pupil premium.
Developing Pupils' Voice
– Dr Victoria Cook, Chartered College of Teaching
Working with an expert researcher and former teacher through partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching, this programme develops methodologies for co-constructing school culture with pupils. Moving pupil voice beyond school council, it will look at ways in which pupils can develop agency and become advocates for their learning and their school communities.

Academic Year 24/25 KS1 & 2 Pricing

We know that there are no silver bullets or quick fixes in school improvement and we want to work with you over an extended period to ensure a longevity of approach. We know that a year-long plan is sometimes not enough to embed practice and reap the benefits. Budgets are tight, so by offering a three year price, it provides security that the price will not rise in that time.

Using Pupil Premium Funding
You can use your Pupil Premium Funding because VNET supports you in “Developing high-quality teaching, assessment and a broad and balanced, knowledge-based curriculum which responds to the needs of pupils” (Ref 1). We will help you build VNET into your Pupil Premium plan and provision.

"We use Pupil Premium funding to pay for VNET because it supports CPD at all levels across our school allowing all of our children to benefit from quality first teaching".

Please contact us to book a time to have a discussion about a package for your multi-academy trust. 

Core CPD included in your membership:

Securing success in Year 6 – Maths/English (in-person, half day): Delegates will look in-depth at the KS2 curriculum, identifying the high-value areas and consider carefully the long-term plan for ensuring curriculum coverage of all areas of maths, reflecting on past SATs papers and preparing your children to sit the tests with confidence.

Book Look (online, 1.5 hrs): This course helps to improve monitoring in schools by using both pupil voice and book looks together. It ensures that leaders can use their monitoring to see whether pupils are ‘learning more and remembering more’ and making progress as defined by the Ofsted EIF.

Halfway through your Ofsted Cycle? (online, 1.5 hrs): This session will discuss school improvement opportunities that leaders may want to implement in the second half of their Ofsted cycle. Participants will be supported with a toolkit which will help them plan for their next inspection, and give the school the best chance of a successful outcome.

Effective Appraisals (online, 1 hr): This session considers the school’s approach to performance management in line with their policy and government expectations. It will help establish the link between school improvement target setting and performance management and look at ways in which this can be positive and supportive for staff.

New to Subject Leadership (asynchronous): This course unpicks the roles and responsibilities of a teacher stepping up into subject leadership over four bitesize online modules. The modules cover understanding the current Ofsted framework and its emphasis on curriculum, monitoring and evaluation and effective action planning.

Communication and Interaction in EYFS (online, 1.5 hrs): This session explores strategies such as people games, intensive interaction and the curiosity approach and provides an opportunity for participants to explore how they might use them for a child they are working with. Led by the team from Haringey Education Partnership.

Assessment for Learning Strategies for TAs (asynchronous, online): This session covers how to use formative assessment strategies practically across the curriculum. It provides tips and strategies to engineer effective discussions and best practice in supporting oral and written feedback.

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