Member Networks

VNET Membership gives unlimited access to our networks for all members schools across all staff groups including, leadership, teaching, administration and governors

Member networks will:

  • Provide a strong network of support for colleagues

  • Be driven by the needs of each network

  • Give members the opportunity to share good practice

  • Ensure that members keep up to date with an ever-changing educational landscape

  • Focus on a pre-agreed hot topic

  • Broker additional input from specialists

  • Be discussion based

  • Include a short input from the Professional Community leader or guest speaker

Networks 2022/23

Governor Forum

The governor forum is a vibrant group with often 60 plus governors in attendance at each session. It is a safe space to get to know fellow governors and share queries and problems. We often discuss examples of practice that works well and don’t work at all! Governors drive the topics and the sessions cover, for example:

  • Governor roles
  • Effective monitoring
  • Meeting structures and cycles
  • Ofsted preparation

The sessions are led by Nania Poulson, VNET’s Operations Director and Co-Chair of Governors at Heigham Community Federation.

Deputies' Network

The deputies’ network is for deputy and AHTs or other senior leaders in VNET schools. Each session will provide the opportunity to:

  • Explore current themes and issues in leadership
  • Enable networking 
  • Share and showcase best practice with other senior leaders
  • Consider the key issues and skills needed for senior leadership.

This programme is led by Ruth McGlone, VNET Principal Consultant and ex-headteacher.

School Business Managers Network

The School Business Managers and Administrators Network is an opportunity to network with fellow administrative staff to share resources as well as queries and problems. We often discuss examples of practice that work well and don’t work at all! The group drives the topics and the sessions cover, for example:

  • Ofsted preparation
  • Procurement
  • Resilience training
  • Successful difficult conversations

The sessions are led by Nania Poulson, VNET’s Operations Director.

Professional Reading Book Club

This book club is open to everyone in VNET member schools. Meeting termly, we take a hot publication and provide a number of funded copies to members. We then invite the author to join the discussion! It is a great way to look at education research and therory and think about how they might translate into practice in our schools. 

The club will be led by VNET Associates, book suggestions welcome!


  • Each Network will meet half-termly/termly

  • Only VNET Members can access networks

  • Networks will meet via Zoom to ensure accessibilty


This approach provides clear models for learning, based upon a secure evidence base. In 24/25 join the Norfolk WalkThrus cohort to provide a network to integrate this pedagogical approach to improving teaching and learning across our schools. CPD, networks and instructional coaching all included in membership!