Inclusive Attendance Project

Empowering schools to foster collective responsibility for attendance

This project aims to improve attendance outcomes for all children and families. In collaboration with ‘Inclusive Attendance’ it will equip delegates with the knowledge and tools to transition from outdated methodologies to evidence-informed practices.

As of August 19th, 2024, the DfE ‘Working Together to Improve School Attendance’ paper will become a statutory document, mandating all educational settings to meet its outlined requirements. The ‘Inclusive Attendance’ programme stands as the only accredited Professional Development model in the UK, ensuring schools not only meet but exceed the expectations of the DfE paper.

Through the implementation of six bespoke Learning Modules and a four-stage programme, schools will be empowered to cultivate a culture where everyone shares responsibility for school attendance.

Delegates will receive lifetime access to the ‘Inclusive Attendance’ online platform of resources.


School Leaders, Headteachers, Attendance Leaders and Managers.

Project Objectives

  • Understand and implement the Four-Stage programme for launching the Inclusive Attendance approach
  • Analyse the post-pandemic landscape and meet the latest statutory guidance from the Department for Education (DfE 2024)
  • Integrate evidence-informed practices into daily routines
  • Recognise the expected impact of implementing a new attendance approach within their schools
  • Foster a culture of collective responsibility within their schools during the launch of the new attendance approach.

Project Outcomes

  • Improve attendance outcomes for all children and families
  • Embed a school-wide approach to supporting and improving school attendance
  • Implement innovative methodology to improve attendance outcomes
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of practice
  • Alignment of practice with the DfE ‘Working Together to Improve School Attendance’ paper 2024.

Session 1

Introducing the Inclusive Attendance Approach

  • Explore the Inclusive Attendance accredited CPD programme and understand the importance of each Learning Module
  • Participants will complete the online self-assessment, create a 7-month implementation programme
  • Timeline the launch of their Inclusive Attendance approach.

Session 2

Deep Dive into School Attendance

  • Participants will explore the Inclusive Attendance Deep Dive audit
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to audit daily attendance practices
  • Explore the website tools and resources to support this process.

Session 3

Implementation – progress and evaluation

  • Measure progress of the Inclusive Attendance implementation programme Reflect on current progress
  • Plan for the next stage of enhancement.

Inclusive Attendance Project


Wayne Harris

CEO and Founder of Inclusive Attendance Ltd

Wayne Harris is a distinguished attendance leader renowned for his exceptional ability to elevate attendance rates in both Primary and Secondary school environments. With over a decade of experience, Wayne has emerged as a key figure in national attendance improvement strategies. As the CEO and Founder of Inclusive Attendance Ltd, Wayne leads the only accredited CPD attendance and implementation program in the United Kingdom. Through Inclusive Attendance, Wayne is dedicated to supporting schools in fostering environments where every child’s attendance is prioritised and supported.

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