Foundations of Good Practice: Teaching Assistants

This programme will ensure that TAs are equipped with the knowledge, skills and strategies which are required to support quality first teaching and enable pupils to get back on track.

Training objectives

  • To upskill TAs to a level where their impact can be measured
    across the classroom and curriculum.
  • To enable TAs to effectively support learning in both English and
  • To understand how to use questioning and formative assessment
    strategies to identify gaps and to check that gaps are closing.


  1. The pupils that Teaching Assistants support will become more
    proficient in English and Mathematics.
  2. Intervention sessions provided by Teaching Assistants will be
    sharply focused on addressing gaps in learning and will enable
    pupils to catch up with their peers.
  3. Monitoring by senior leaders will demonstrate both qualitative and
    quantitative improvements from baseline assessments.


  • The series consists of 10 sessions, including an introduction session and an evaluation session which the class teacher and  member of SLT are invited to attend.
  • The sessions will be delivered monthly via Zoom across the year.
  • Access to a bank of useful supporting resources will be available for each unit to allow personal learning to turn instantly into professional practice.
  • Practical and experiential gap tasks will be set and reviewed with the programme tutor and peers, creating a learning network.

Session 1


An introductory session for the TA, class teacher and headteacher to outline course expectations and to allow linkage with performance management and SDIP

Session 2

Supporting Phonics

Session 3

Supporting Reading Comprehension

Session 4

Supporting Writing

Session 5

CPA in Maths

Session 6

Questioning in Maths

Session 7

Supporting calculation

Session 8

Supporting Vocabulary Instruction

Session 9

Assessment for Learning Strategies

Session 10


A session for the TA and class teacher along with headteacher or member of SLT to evaluated impact.

Additional Session

1 to 1

A one hour 1-to-1 session for the TA with Emma Adcock to support the programme.

Members Resources/Forum

Play Video

CPD to transform practice


Prior knowledge of delegates will be captured in advance of each session to ensure that each session meets the needs of all participating schools.


In every session, opportunities will be provided for guided practice under the support of a skilled practitioner. Gap tasks will be set at the end of each session, which require participants to practice the modelled techniques in their own settings.

Explain & Elaborate

In every session, opportunities will be provided for participants to draw upon their observations and reflections following the gap task.


Opportunities will be built into every session for participants to evaluate the success of the
modelled strategies on learners.

How do I take part?


Emma Adcock

Emma is a former headteacher, system leader and advanced skills teacher. She regularly provides additional leadership capacity for schools. This additional leadership has previously included: acting head positions, part-time assistant head roles and she has worked across schools as a teaching and learning coach to support Quality First Teaching. Emma is also an experienced trainer who regularly provides training for VNET schools on the following: curriculum design, subject leadership, Reading, Writing, Spelling and the explicit teaching of vocabulary.

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