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What is ‘Responsive Teaching’ and how does it improve learning?

The purpose of this blog is to explore what responsive teaching is, and how it can help pupils reach their potential. This blog will consider some of the latest research into effective teaching and learning, and how educational theory can be implemented in practice in the classroom to accelerate learning.
Why does your school need a curriculum project? - VNET Education CIC

Why does your school need a curriculum project?

Schools should carefully plan their curriculum around the children to ensure that they receive a well-rounded, balanced education. Curriculum development expertise is essential for school leaders so that they can develop a school curriculum that incorporates the most important ideas in curriculum theory and the science of learning.

Conference – Closing the gap

The global pandemic left many gaps in children’s learning and education, and schools are yet to recover from it. The conference ‘Closing the gap’ will focus on bringing awareness to the issues schools are facing and giving you solutions on how you can work towards closing these gaps.