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Subject Expertise in Primary Series

In their evidence review published in June 2020, Evidence Based Education (EBE) and Cambridge Assessment International Education looked at the efficacy of teacher CPD in relation to student outcomes. They particularly focussed on the question, “What are the best bets for teachers to invest time and effort in if they want their students to learn more?”
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What’s new for 2022/23?

One of the legacies of the pandemic is the widening of the gap for many disadvantaged groups of children. This challenge exists alongside many other challenges that schools already faced…
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Data Busting: Take your assessments to the next level

Data is vital in the education setting - it provides insight into how pupils are progressing, what your biggest challenges are, and helps drive school improvement. However, data can sometimes get overlooked or misinterpreted. In order to effectively use data, you must improve your approach to assessment.


This approach provides clear models for learning, based upon a secure evidence base. In 24/25 join the Norfolk WalkThrus cohort to provide a network to integrate this pedagogical approach to improving teaching and learning across our schools. CPD, networks and instructional coaching all included in membership!