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An Ethic of Excellence

How do you embed excellence into schools’ everyday practices, not as an incidental or an accident, but as an actual ethic? Whilst most educators are familiar with Austin’s Butterfly and the principles of improvement through critique towards excellence, fewer are aware of the foundations of that approach are Ron Berger’s Ethic of Excellence.

Best Bets for Improving Writing Stamina

Evidence from the EEF (May 2022) shows that Covid-related disruption has caused learning loss in children. There is some evidence that the writing outcomes for primary-aged and Year 7 children were lower than expected compared to previous year groups (Christodoulou, 2021, 2022). One of the common issues is that writing stamina has been heavily impacted.

Subject Expertise in Primary Series

In their evidence review published in June 2020, Evidence Based Education (EBE) and Cambridge Assessment International Education looked at the efficacy of teacher CPD in relation to student outcomes. They particularly focussed on the question, “What are the best bets for teachers to invest time and effort in if they want their students to learn more?”

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