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The power of choice in MIS contracts

The power of choice in response to the recent investigation into ESS SIMS 3 year MIS contracts. We are looking forward to hearing from Compass Education at the Norfolk Headteachers' Conference.

Music and its impact in schools!

Welcome to iRock School of Music, a peripatetic music service for primary schools, specialising in teaching children how to play in rock and pop bands!

Emotional literacy: a forgotten intelligence?

If you work in the public sector, you will tend to have opinions: about what works, what doesn’t work; who takes the credit, who takes the blame; where the money…

What is ADHD?

Includes top tips to make your school more ADHD friendly, with Arron Hutchinson, Education Training Director and Therapeutic Practitioner ADHD Foundation - The Neurodiversity Charity

The importance of record keeping

It doesn’t matter how small or large your school is, record keeping is vital to ensuring that children and adults are protected.  Just because you are in a small school…

5 top tips for new subject leaders

We asked VNET Principal Consultant, Ruth McGlone, what are her 5 top tips to consider when new to subject leadership: Top Tip 1 Get to know your school’s curriculum and…

Formative Assessment – Time for a revisit?

Maybe it is time we reconsidered Formative Assessment and have a look at it with fresh eyes using the knowledge that is now part of day-to-day practice in Education.

Context Matters

How a local context in your curriculum provides a window to the world. We all know that a well sequenced, ambitious curriculum is key to a good quality of education.…